LANTYTO® Machine

The professional equipment manufactured by LANTYTO® Machine is a professional equipment manufacturer for rod breakdown and wire drawing processes in conductor treatment.

Material range: rods and wires of copper, low carbon copper, brass, aluminum, aluminum alloy, CCA, tinned copper, copper coated with silver.

Finished products: power cables, EDM wires, auto cables, speaker cables, enameling wires, battery cores, etc.


Major Advantages

1. High speed- modified and improved designs based on European hi-tech model.

2. Labor power saving- multiple wires run at the same time on our easy-to-operate drawing machine, thus less staff are required.

3. Simplified process: with our modernized multiple drawing machine, less waiting time in the take-up or transit process, therefore, reducing overall costs.

4. Modernized and simplified operation with high efficiency and stable performance.

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