LANTYTO® Machine
Technology and Service



We are the first manufacturer in China that developed high speed double wire intermediate drawing machine. Besides, we keep continuously research into new designs of machines.



We will frequently check the running conditions of delivered machines, collecting suggestions from machine operators to improve and upgrade the machine. We will visit our customers annually to check the maintenance condition of machine and offer improvement advises.


Technical support

We will respond within 3 hours after receiving malfunction report from machine buyers/operators worldwide, and we will offer proposal or solutions within 8 hours.



Pre-sales services

We offer professional advice and guidance on technical programs, equipment selection recommendations, and plant planning.


Sales service

We will regularly report the progress of production, and make timely response to customers’ requirements during the production. We will adjust our plans within reasonable range, and standard wear parts will be offered free of charge. For extra required wear parts, we will deliver through international courier.

Delivery of different machines to overseas market is as follows:

Rod breakdown machine: 120 days.

Intermediate drawing machine: 70 days; multiwire intermediate drawing machine: 100 days

Fine wire drawing machine: 65 days; multiple fine wire drawing machine: 100 days

Continuous annealer: 65 days

Take-up machine: 45 days


After-sales service

We offer one-year warranty for the machines. During the warranty, free remote failure diagnosis and free replacement of spare parts (if it’s caused by quality issue) are available. The resulting international courier freight will be borne by the buyer. In addition, technical staff can be sent to the customer’s production site for paid equipment installation guidance, operation training and other technical services. Special services for customers include old equipment rectification and upgrading.

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